Sealing the Deal

Corennia, also known simply as The Western Lands is a frontier without large nations or civilizations. Here, petty nobles control as much territory as they can secure and patrol. They reward those who do business and offer protection on their land and busy themselves with attaining more power, while also watching their own backs against each other.

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This is where the party of adventurers came to, as conscripts of the queen, on a mission to learn as much as they could about The Divine Order.

After helping to quell an attack by orcs, the heroes were rewarded for each severed orc head delivered at the Prince’s castle. Prince Enri himself came out and was very impressed by the heroes’ nice pile. Shortly after paying them for their efforts, he summoned them to his castle again, this time for a private audience.

Prince Enri, the sovereign ruler of the town of Espoir, was seeking to make a lasting alliance with his eastern neighbor, Duke Jac Brannoc, by marrying his daughter to the duke. The deal had already been made, which is why the neighbor on the western side of Espoir, Prince Guyarde had allied himself with the savage orcs. Both stood to lose power if this the Espoir and Brannoc houses were to be bound by blood.

The party was given the task of escorting the princess to Brannoc, where she would be kept until the wedding. In return, they were supposed to bring back a unit of the duke’s nearly legendary archers, to help defend Espoir against the orc tribes.

As foreseen, the escort was attacked along the way, both by spies of Prince Guyarde and by the orcs, but the heroes were able able repel these attacks and get princess Iseldis to her destination. To their disappointment, the duke was not about to let go of his archers that easily. Instead of a unit, he sent only a single archer back to help with Espoir’s defenses.

That archer’s abilities were put to the test immediately on the party’s return to Espoir. The town was under siege by Guyarde and his orc allies. The master archer took off to the castle, to help protect Prince Enri, while the heroes stayed behind and battled their way through the towns tight alleys. Hiding behind some crates, they found a little girl, whom they valiantly decided to help find her way home.

They made their way to the market square, which was under the control of Guyarde’s son and his gang of mercenaries and goons. The heroes were soon under attack and kept fighting all the way into the side streets, where more orcs joined the fray. The battle was bloody and hard, but the party kept the little girl well protected while pushing the invading force back.

As the heroes entered the park, Prince Guyarde himself was assembling the main strike force, including an orc shaman and numerous foot soldiers. It almost ended badly for Draven the warlord, who rushed in and found himself surrounded by orcs. With a little supportive magic from Adarra the Cleric, he survived and with the rest of the party, they turned the tide. In the end, the adventurers killed the prince, saved a girl’s life and sent the invaders running.

The battle of Espoir was won, but even after all this, the heroes were not much closer to the enemy they were really chasing…

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