Exit The Black Tomb

Having defeated the evil cleric Malden, and gotten a bit of well-earned rest, the party decided to finish what they had begun and return to the tomb and finish their investigation. So far they had found very nothing there, to help them discover more about their enemy and find the secret temple of The Divine Order.

Further down they went, through the hole in the wall, where the finely carved out tomb became unfinished corridors. As they entered a roughly carved chamber, they encountered a group of Skeletons, soon joined by a couple of Boneshard Skeletons coming from the other side of the chamber. Making the fight difficult, was a layer of slime covering the center of the slightly rounded floor, and anyone standing or walking there could easily lose their balance. The group fought with tenacity and drive, and these bony opponents proved no match against the combined power of the heroes.

Stopping to catch their breath, the party took some time to further examine their surroundings. This led them to a stone door, placed against rough wall and looking out of place. Winston stepped close to it and felt a strange sensation, as if his life was literally seeping out of his body. He stepped back and informed the others. Fear and speculation set in, as the heroes theorized about what horror might await them on the other side. Finally, Melisandra decided to use a spell to open the door from afar. All they saw was an empty room with a bit of littered debris along the side of the wall.

Adarra, who had spotted an acid trap earlier, took a closer look but saw nothing suspicious. Once more, Winston went forward, peeking around the corner and into the rectangular room. At the far end, he saw a stone throne where a single, robed human skeleton sat slumped. Once more, he felt his life drain out of him, and he retreated.

“Why have you disturbed me?”

As the party was still discussing how to proceed, the same skeletal figure appeared in the line of sight from the corridor outside. By now, the heroes were all convinced they were facing a powerful undead wizard – a lich – and they were scared. They tried communicating with it and learned that The Divine Order had indeed been in the tomb, but that they had left for Guyarde. The “lich” then went on to suggest that they join it as its servants, which the party took as their cue to leave.

Before they did, Draven spotted a piece of scrap parchment in the debris, upon which the lich had scribbled notes that would turn out to be very relevant to their quest. They finally left the Black Tomb and its undead lord behind, plotted the safest route back through the Orc forest and decided to head to the main road between Espoir and Guyarde.

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